Visibility from order to

tradefact connects the information and people needed to measure, resolve, and improve logistics and related supply chain in more real-time. With greater predictability and with less effort.

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Visibility from order to

tradefact connects the information and people needed to measure, resolve and improve logistics and related supply chain in more real-time. With greater predictability and with less effort.

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Say hello to your supply chain command center.

Email overload weighing you down?


Say goodbye to endless spreadsheets, emails, phone calls, and headaches and say hello to your team’s new supply chain command centre. Bring new levels of collaboration and automation and save hours of frustrating work each day.

“We have been able to reduce the work time involved in managing our orders by 30% simply by having everyone on the same page.”

Simon Groome, COO


Lack of visibility causing frustration?


Customize your dashboard to show you the insights that matter and the exceptions that need your attention. Take advantage of elevated visibility to identify roadblocks and increase responsiveness to issues that affect your business.

“We are now the first to know when there is a delay or an issue, this gives us the ability to react before it gets messy.”

Maria Tolles, Director of buying


Unexpected costs getting expensive?


Tradefact helps your team reduce costs and inefficiencies. Minimize costly delays, reduce the need for expensive air freight, and focus your efforts on building more lucrative supplier relationships.

“By being able to receive accurate logistics pricing and access to spend analytics we have been able to decrease freight costs by 23%.”

Peter Cas, Finance


Managing the logistics of logistics?


Plug your existing logistics service providers into your supply chain and get faster and more accurate pricing based on actual inventory. Tradefact brings together your team, suppliers, and logistics providers to keep everyone together on the same page.

“Having our supplier updates connected to our logistics provider slashes the time it takes to react to changes.”

Lisa Crammer, Operations Manager


Features built for your business.

View features based on your role:


Integrated Logistics

Forget endless emails and countless phone calls bench-marking shipping quotations. Accurate and timely quotes are now managed quickly and easily, enabling clarity and control when executing logistics requirements.


SKU Management

Store all your products along with MOQs, lead times, and customs data. Instantly track every SKU in your supply chain and achieve a significant reduction in inventory costs through global inventory visibility.



Now you have the tools to get the right people into conversations when they need to be. Say goodbye to endless out of context emails and empower your team to react to situations when it matters most.


Purchase order management

Created, accepted and signed in a few clicks. Automatically receive shipping quotes from your approved PO’s and invoices. Get your deals moving quicker with less effort.


Supplier directory

Factory locations, audits, capabilities, and critical points of contact all in one place. Get the data you need to make informed buying decisions and maintain supplier relationships with ease.


Real-time inventory tracking

Optimize supply chain operations with End-to-End visibility. Combining satellite tracking and real-time carrier exception data to leverage total visibility into shipments and inventory on the move.


Production status tracking

Automate check-ins for critical production milestones and integrate data from your connected logistics provider. Keep production delays to a minimum and respond faster and with less effort when they do.



Get the most out of your ERP, PLM, WMS, IMS, and A/P technology stacks by unifying your metrics with our pre-built integrations.  tell us a bit more about your existing technology stack. We’ll be in touch.


Purchase order finance

Through smart financial instruments designed for the global trade process, tradefact's integrated solutions help companies achieve their full growth potential, despite tariffs or other unexpected headwinds.

Great teams depend on tradefact.
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For us, the ability to access finance connected to our purchase orders has allowed us the head-room to trade more competitively.

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We reached a point where our inbox just couldn't keep up with that demand of our operations.

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tradefact has transformed how we manage our supply chain. As a team, we can quickly react to any issues — with no time wasted.

Power your team with tradefact.