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Your freight customers have evolved. Are you ready?

The reality of global logistics is changing! Digital trends are overwhelming the market.

  • Tenders are shorter
  • Spot quotes are becoming normalized
  • Customer expectations are rising
  • Global online sales are extremely competitive
  • The wide diversity of carriers is adding pressure to freight companies

It’s no surprise then, that over 50% of logistics professionals agree that both ocean and air freight are becoming increasingly unprofitable. But this doesn’t have to be the future! There is an easy and effective way for freight companies to keep up with this ever-changing industry.

We are specialists in providing freight companies with data-driven digital solutions.

We work to help you;

  • Make decisions based on data-driven analytical insights
  • Identify potential areas for current and future optimization
  • Find opportunities to grow revenue from aspects of customer supply chains previously untouched
  • Place your company firmly ahead of the competition

Join the future thinking Freight companies, and partner with tradefact today!

How does your business benefit?

1 – Increase Revenue

Do you know how much revenue your business generates from your client’s purchase order capital needs? Or from their quality control requirements? Do you know if you’re earning from their international supplier payments? We enable you to generate revenue from client value services that far outweigh the margins in container or air freight.

2 – Grow Your Business 

Watch your business evolve stronger and faster than your competition, whether they be traditional providers or newly launched start-ups. Between the decentralization of teams, the move towards remote working, and the need for supply chain management with end to end visibility – now more than ever, employees are working from cloud systems and need to refer to a single source of reliable information. We can provide you with the systems and processes you need to make this transition as smooth and effective as possible.

3 – Build Customer Loyalty

Customer expectations have changed! Offering new and valuable solutions is the more successful long term strategy to retain customers and compete with competitors – even more so than competing on pricing. We give you the strategies to increase customer loyalty, by enabling them to manage their own supply chain on the cloud. Enabling you to generate passive revenue, from this value-adding customer service.

Why choose to partner with us?

Put simply; tradefact enables your freight business to lead the industry into the new future.

We enable you to provide your customers with the user experience and level of control that they now demand. We help you to increase your profits through the optimization of your current systems and revenue streams. We allow you to make better business decisions through data analysis, so you can grow and reach your business goals.

Plus, with us, you don’t have to invest large sums of money and staff time. Just simple and effective digitization, to ensure your freight company becomes, and remains, an industry leader.